Response to Comment #13

You said: “Playing 42 is an extremely intriguing game.” I totally agree! And this says it best: 42 is a partner game of skill, strategy, and teamwork. The true challenge, excitement, and reward of winning is based on the best offense, defense, bidding, setting, and risk taking of two players against two opposing players with no advance specific information about anyone’s hand.

You said: “I have found that by paying attention to who plays what and evaluating my own hand as to what my possibilities are is the best way for success.” Again, I totally agree!

You said: “Too much time and emphasis is placed on who is cheating or signaling in various ways. I don't have the patience to try and figure out who is using what signals and it takes away from the enjoyment of the game.” I agree again! A person shouldn’t have to wonder whether your opponents are signaling or cheating in some way! You said: “I do like to play with a partner that I am familiar with and would not like to drive any distance to put my money on a draw partner.” I agree again, I enjoy playing with friends and buddies! The Roswell tournament will not be a single draw for one partner, you will receive a new partner each game, playing with 10 different partners throughout the tournament. Winners will be declared by high total points taken, low points given to break a tie, or total wins last if needed to break ties. The Roswell tournament will have a single trophy for 1st, 2nd, 3rd places, 3 total trophies, not six. Cash payouts will be to single individuals not a partner split.

You said: “I do like to play with a partner that I am familiar with and would not like to drive any distance to put my money on a draw partner.” There’s that familiar word again. When the Roswell club came to play in a tournament of partners in Portales, NM, they found that the familiarity between some players and their partners playing styles was too high to bet their money on. Their club is made up of men ages 50-87 who have been playing this game for years. They have the experience to know it just don’t happen like that, that often. Do partners have winning streaks? Yes! Will they win every tournament? No! I have personally been playing this game for over 50 years; I along with my partner did win the 2009 Texas State championship, only lost one game over the 15 hours it took to win! Two more times we went and got eliminated in the first round. We didn’t play any different than when we won the state championship. We are not regular partners; we get to play once a year at the Texas championship. I live in New Mexico, he lives near Houston. Point is: even though we are great players, we don’t win every time! Do we play well with anyone we play with? YES!

You said: “I think the really good players really don't signal as much as people think.” Again I agree! Do experienced or skilled players indicate? YES! When the style of indicating is legal and recognized by all, then it is fair. When familiarity of your partner’s particular playing styles is Not recognizable by every one, IS IT FAIR?

Jerry Whitney
Tournament Organizer